Patent a new InventionProduct Innovation, Development and Promotion

Monument Tools has worked with inventors - both private individuals and companies - who have had creative ideas for product and equipment design in the plumbing and drainage industry.

Monument Tools are able to provide the technical expertise on how to take a concept from drawing board to material product, add design flair, factor in considerations for practicality of use, price it, roadtest it, package it, launch it and distribute it locally and internationally.

We are often able to assist with patent for new inventions.

Read the story below which describes how Monument Tools worked with Lillemor Limited to develop and market the Olive Puller.


Lillemor Limited of Wiltshire is a specialist company that designs products for the manufacturing industry. Set up in 2003 by two entrepreneurial inventors, they develop specific solutions to meet gaps in the market. The olive puller is one such invention, designed to remove and replace old compression rings in a matter of minutes.

Innovation and Marketing Strength

Lillemor wanted to find a strong partner to take the product to market. Having an innovative product design, they particularly looked for quality and a strong brand name that had an extensive distributor and stockist network, both locally and internationally, to ensure a wide distribution.

Initially they approached a number of companies, one of which was Monument Tools. It was at apparent at a very early stage that Monument Tools was the company they were looking for.

Fast Moving & Specialist Product Lines

Monument Tools' fast moving and best selling products are the plumbers' staples. The bright and distinctive yellow and black packaging ensures these items are regularly sold over trade counters in the UK and overseas. Their quality tools and equipment are manufactured to the highest standard. They are highly recommended both as a manufacturer and supplier. This, together with the helpful and professional approach demonstrated by the directors at Monument Tools, gave Lillemor full confidence that their product would be a winner in the market.

Taking The Product From Concept To Market

"When we approached Monument Tools, they were most helpful, right from the start." said Neil Moore, Director of Lillemor. "A key consideration in our choice of partner was that this had to be a partnership that combined innovation with market strength, quality and professionalism. And that is exactly what we found. John Collier's knowledge and advise was invaluable."

Lillemor sat down with Monument Tools and after a series of discussions decided on a course of action. Lillemor had prepared a prototype and were already involved in the patenting their idea. John Collier, Managing Director at Monument Tools said, "We saw the potential and decided to go ahead and take over the prototype. By partnering with Lillemor, we were adding to our range of trusted, quality tools."

Monument Tool's technical team worked with Lillemor to fine tune the product, which is now produced in the factory in Wallington. Lillemor was involved in the whole process, including the packaging design. The olive extractor has since been a success and sales have increased steadily.

Patents and Agreements

Interbuild 2006 Product Awards for Monument ToolsAn important element in ensuring its success was that agreements were put in place early on in the partnership. Monument Tools has developed a process to help other innovators bring their products to market. This involves producing a prototype, writing a description and putting non disclosure agreements in place to protect all parties.

A Profitable Partnership

"At Monument Tools, we constantly look for new and innovative products to add to our successful lines. We are totally committed to develop and support innovation," explains Jonathan Collier, Director. "Our partnership with Lillemor is exactly the type of business alliance that adds to our success."

If you have an idea and want to speak to Monument Tools to explore potential partnership, contact us.

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